Artist Joanna Bucur in her studio photographer by Holly Smith
Even if I have been drawing since I was a child, that wasn’t uncommon in my family, one of architects and artists. When I was 9 years old, the idea of drawing for the rest of my life seemed to be a good one and it gave me a path and a purpose. 


I studied Fine Art during Secondary School, Industrial Design during college and then followed into the family tradition of studying architecture during University. After two years, I dropped out in search of an education abroad and one focused more on drawing. Initially, I thought that would be at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria. Yet having failed admission three times, I moved to London applying for Graphic Design with a side of Illustration. 

Artist Joanna Bucur in her studio photographed by Holly Smith

I thrived for two years, immersing myself in creative projects, exploring the identity of my artist self and pushing limits. 

In my last year of University, I lost my financial support and that changed my priorities and focus. Despite the hardship, I managed to graduate with a Second Class Hons. After completing the course, I was offered an entry job in Marketing, a position I took gladly following the struggle of my last year of study. 

With time, the marketing job developed into a career and six years later, having filled hundreds of sketchbooks in my free time my initial purpose of becoming a professional artist seemed forgotten. The recognition of having failed at pursuing this ambition and the subsequent shame prompted me to quit my job and switch lanes. 

A fortunate dinner placement and a sincere conversation led to the support and art patronage of Reza Merchant of the Collective Living. Subsequently, in October 2018 I had my fist solo show at The Collective Old Oak to great success. 

Being able to draw and let my creative intuition run wild has been a liberating move and has set my mind and heart on fire. There is a lot more work and searching to be done and I embark on this journey with enthusiasm.

Ultimately, I hope to become someone that did their best with their skill. 

Artist Joanna Bucur photographer by Holly Smith